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Red and White football scarf
When Everyone Leaves You This song represents love and passion!
Red and White football scarf
Srpski Kup Je Nas Sung before serbian final cup
Red and White football scarf
Only You Samo Ti!
Red and White football scarf
Oo, O Da, Bas Tebe Volim Ja melody from one serbian song

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Red and White football scarf

Vojvodina Novi Sad

3828 When Everyone Leaves You

Classic football song from Vojvodina Novi Sad

Song Lyrics

When everyone leaves you,
When luck turns her back,
From dark to shine,
From hell to heaven,
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Firma is with you...

Kad Svi Te Napuste

Кад сви те напусте,
Срећа леђа окрене,
Од таме до сјаја,
Од пакла до раја,
Фирма је уз тебе.

Submitted by rotkvarija98

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