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2201 Red Star Belgrade Ti Dole Na Terenu, Zvezdin Grb Što Nosiš Song that sang when we want to motivate our players Playlist
2717 Partizan Everyone Will Always Hear... Grobari singing a song Playlist
3029 Partizan All I Have Is The Color Black And White! Nice song from Grobari Playlist
4860 Red Star Belgrade You Don't Need A Paid Title Our English translation leaves alot to be desired, it's just from Google translate so if you can help by writing in the comments what it is actually saying that would be great - cheers! Playlist
5183 Red Star Belgrade Red-Whites We Are With You One Old School song Playlist
6246 Vojvodina Novi Sad Only You Samo Ti! Playlist
7491 Vojvodina Novi Sad Oo, O Da, Bas Tebe Volim Ja melody from one serbian song Playlist
11852 Vojvodina Novi Sad Our Song Is Shouting Now About strongness of Firma's song Playlist
12288 Vojvodina Novi Sad When Everyone Leaves You This song represents love and passion! Playlist
16286 Red Star Belgrade Kada Zvezdo Igraš Ti/Red Star I Love You This song is chanting with two groups, that on Sever(North), where the most extreme fans are, and that on Istok(East) and Zapad(West), where the people who came to the match to watch it, not to give support.
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16780 Partizan Ne Pomaze Huk Severa NAPRED PARTIZAN
17348 Red Star Belgrade Ja Volim Tebe Ludo Very good song
18855 Red Star Belgrade I Ko Ne Skace Taj Je Grobar Delije Sever 1989
19162 Partizan Mi Volimo Mi Bodrimo NAPRED PARTIZAN
19373 Partizan Ajde Ajde Da Divljamo NAPRED PARTIZAN
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